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Revvving Up for SkillsUSA!

The Transportation Technology Cluster at Oakland Schools Technical Campus-Southwest is revving up for a win! Auto Collision Instructor Dave Hollinger has spent the last couple of months refining his students’ skills, and in a few days from now he will be watching Joel Howard, one of his talented transportation techies, compete at the SkillsUSA State […]

Oakland Schools

Super Bowl XLVII: America’s Marketing H.S. Harnesses Power of Pop Culture

Is it the dog bribing the cat-owner with Doritos? Or the Dalmatian training the has-been Clydesdale to “Rocky”-like victory? We all have our favorite Super Bowl commercials (and yes, some of us only watch the Super Bowl in order to scoop the next ad classic!). But what takes a commercial to viral-level, and what does […]

Oakland Schools

Family Engineering Night: The Next Gen Explore Careers of the Future

Oakland Schools Tech Campuses to Host 10-14 year-olds and their Parents in Lively Evenings of  Engineering Exploration Family Engineering Night is part of a county-wide initiative to help parents get their children interested in emerging technologies via an exciting evening of hands-on activities at Oakland Schools Technical Campuses. Upper-elementary and middle school students will explore […]

PB & J: Simple, Sustainable and…Marketable!

The Business, Management, Marketing & Technology students at Oakland Schools Technical Campus-Northeast needed a hook to jumpstart their “Making a Difference” food drive effort for the Baldwin Center’s holiday boxes and the Lighthouse of Oakland County Food Pantry. The near universal student familiarity with PB & J offered up a creative call-to-action for campus and […]

Student Welders Help Re-open Belle Isle Aquarium

OSTC Students’ Welded Structure Displays Fund-raising Efforts Mr. Langdon’s welding students received their mission, and they chose to accept: create a sturdy, curved, metal display board capable of handling multiple tasks – and a school of fish. They didn’t have much time; their assignment needed to be finished and in place for the grand re-opening […]


for Creating Successful, Award-winning Students! I could smell the Chocolate Chip Cookies long before I hit the kitchen. Rich, chocolatey goodness told me I had discovered the site of the renowned Culinary Arts program at Oakland Schools Technical Campus-Northeast, in Pontiac. The program trains high school juniors and seniors on the intricacies of cooking, baking, […]

The Perfect Marriage is…

…CTE and College. Paul Galbenski, a Business Management, Marketing and Technology Instructor at OSTC-Southeast, and Michigan’s 2011-2012 Teacher of the Year, makes me wish I could do high school all over again. I would enroll in Career and Technical Education (CTE) where I would participate in motivating, project-based learning, and I would graduate with a […]