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OSTC-NW mentor a cut above the rest

Leon Fisher did what most Oakland Schools Technical Campus (OSTC) seniors do when they graduate:  he got a job in the industry he studied as a student. For Fisher, a graduate of OSTC-Northwest’s (NW) Culinary program, this meant becoming a line cook at Clarkston Union, one of downtown Clarkston’s most bustling, popular restaurants, which has […]

Employee Focus: Mary Beth VanBuskirk (OSTC-NW)

VanBuskirk  is 2018 Michigan Career Placement Association Honoree of the Year Award winner Much of the work done here at Oakland Schools focuses on students in PK-12th grade. But what happens to students when they leave high school? That’s where someone like Mary Beth VanBuskirk comes in. VanBuskirk is a school to career coordinator at […]

Student Profile: Carl Green

When you ask a soon-to-be veterinary technician student what his favorite animal is, you don’t really expect him to answer, “cheetah.” Unless you are speaking with Carl Green, who, ever since he entered the Agriscience and Environmental Technologies program at Oakland Schools Technical Campus – Northwest (OSTC-NW) in Clarkston, was dubbed positively by Kendra Gossett, […]