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Once Upon a Time in Oakland County…

…It’s a REAL STORY (not a Fairy-Tale) That You Need to Read! “It is going to be a story about something that has been the fabric of American life and opportunity for centuries. It is a story about American ideals, about equal opportunity, about American ingenuity. It is a story, about public education and all […]

Oakland Schools

TOP 5 Problems in Mich Public Ed…plus 5 SOLUTIONS!

by Dr. Vickie Markavitch, Superintendent of Oakland Schools: THE PRIMARY PROBLEM facing public education is the legislated diversion of time, talent and resources to things that do not improve student learning – a reliance on silver bullet, bumper sticker, market-driven ‘reform’ ideas instead of focused, research-based hard work and effort. Specifically: 1) Merit Pay and […]


 It’s not something you DO, it’s who you ARE. Excited, idealistic, hopeful and nervous: Last May, I wrote about a new class of enthusiastic students graduating from the College of Education at Michigan State University. Not only were these men and women looking at a fifth-year teaching internship, they were walking into national edu-politics and […]

Oakland Schools

Oh No – Not Again!

From Dr. Vickie L. Markavitch, Superintendent of Oakland Schools: I am deeply troubled by the education budgets coming out of Lansing. Even though thousands of voters were clear in their message to Lansing on several extreme legislative efforts in the November election and during December’s lame duck session, a force in Lansing is intent on […]

238? Give Us the Real Story, Governor Snyder

The governor recently received thousands of emails opposing his plan to: 1) create a statewide school system, 2) run it under the authority of the Educational Achievement Authority (EAA), and 3) allow charter schools to be selective in choosing the students they would serve.  In the governor’s answer to these thousands of emails, he cited […]

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A Million Michigan Voices for Public Education

CHARTER SCHOOLS in MICHIGAN “When Michigan lifted its charter cap, a group of education organizations tried to urge the state to include quality controls. That measure failed in the Republican-dominated legislature. But these advocates are still pushing”… (click on image to READ article) ********************************************* Dr. Markavitch’s 2013 Wish List PODCAST CLICK IMAGE below to VIEW […]

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“Won’t Back Down”…

…Meets The HUNGER GAMES. Won’t Back Down, the new “Parent Trigger” reform movie starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis, is packed with spirit and emotion and good acting, but something is missing. Well, the facts, for one, but this is Hollywood and we’re all used to movie-land playing fast and loose with “true events”. What’s […]