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Oakland Schools


MATT LANGDON is a Heroism Trainer  with a BIG message for kids. It’s an empowering message, which he offers with a step-by-step guide to becoming a real-life Superman or Wonder Woman. The message is about saving real lives, it’s about beating back bullying, and it’s about being an independent student leader who reaches out to […]

The NEW Bullying?

“The past 15 fifteen years have clearly changed bullying. Yet, a generational disconnect persists between today’s adults who were bullied as kids and today’s students who are experiencing a new kind of bullying.”                             ~ The New Bullying / MSU The NEW Bullying? […]

Stand 4 Change on May 4: STOP the Bullying!

“We believe in putting the power for change where it belongs: in students’ hands. Together, we can put an end to bullying.” May 4, 2012 Teachers, administrators and students looking to introduce or reinforce an anti-bullying message will find plenty of free support through a new, rapidly-expanding local initiative. STAND 4 CHANGE DAY is a […]