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The CHOICE is Clear…

Comprehensive K-12 Schools Are More Important Now Than Ever! VIEW PODCAST by Dr. Vickie Markavitch, Superintendent of Oakland Schools FULL TEXT of PODCAST: Lots of things are being marketed to us under the label of choice and as I said in a prior podcast, there is nothing wrong with CHOICE, but when it comes to […]

Oakland Schools

Super Bowl XLVII: America’s Marketing H.S. Harnesses Power of Pop Culture

Is it the dog bribing the cat-owner with Doritos? Or the Dalmatian training the has-been Clydesdale to “Rocky”-like victory? We all have our favorite Super Bowl commercials (and yes, some of us only watch the Super Bowl in order to scoop the next ad classic!). But what takes a commercial to viral-level, and what does […]

VLAC to the Future!

HOW ONE CYBER SCHOOL IS GETTING IT RIGHT… When the fierce debates in Lansing over uncapping charter and cyber schools died down, and Governor Snyder signed Senate Bills 618 and 619 into official existence, administrators and educators were left with a number of unproven choices for their schools and their students. Charter schools and cyber […]