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Anti-Bullying for Parents & Educators

by Dr. Julie McDaniel, Consultant, Student Safety and Well-Being Advanced Certified Trauma Practitioner and Trainer, Oakland Schools PARENTS AND SCHOOLS working together provide the united front necessary to reduce bullying. Both educators and parents have powerful online resources available to them; however, parents may not be aware of these resources or know how to access them. VIEW > Just […]

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Our Kids Know Something We Don’t…

UPDATE: Click to view the PRESENTATION, or to download the HELP SHEET! Our kids know something we don’t… It’s been part of their world for as long as they can remember… It powers their communication, their school work, their friendships, their love life… Sometimes it TURNS on them with global force. Sometimes they unleash it on themselves… Because […]

Opening the Door: Talking Truth about Teen Suicide

As a parent, I find myself in the surreal position of writing a blog post tragically initiated by the suicide of a local 8th-grader… Perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised; according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), suicide is the third leading cause of death in the USA for those ages 15 to 24. […]

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MATT LANGDON is a Heroism Trainer  with a BIG message for kids. It’s an empowering message, which he offers with a step-by-step guide to becoming a real-life Superman or Wonder Woman. The message is about saving real lives, it’s about beating back bullying, and it’s about being an independent student leader who reaches out to […]


Could Your Teen be Happier? Does School Mean STRESS? Parents & Educators: Oakland Schools is pleased to offer a 3-session conversation about adolescent wellness on Saturdays from 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM on September 22, 2012, February 2, 2013, and March 23, 2013.  The conversations will cover the current state of the well-being of our […]

The NEW Bullying?

“The past 15 fifteen years have clearly changed bullying. Yet, a generational disconnect persists between today’s adults who were bullied as kids and today’s students who are experiencing a new kind of bullying.”                             ~ The New Bullying / MSU The NEW Bullying? […]

Stand 4 Change on May 4: STOP the Bullying!

“We believe in putting the power for change where it belongs: in students’ hands. Together, we can put an end to bullying.” May 4, 2012 Teachers, administrators and students looking to introduce or reinforce an anti-bullying message will find plenty of free support through a new, rapidly-expanding local initiative. STAND 4 CHANGE DAY is a […]