Oakland Schools makes safety and security a priority

cropped-ap10008581.jpgGrant funds will go to tech, main campuses

Grant money recently garnered by Oakland Schools will be allocated directly to beefing up the safety and security at all four Oakland Schools Technical Campuses, as well as the Main Campus building in Waterford.

Oakland Schools received $282,375 from the Michigan State Police Competitive School Safety Grant Program. Oakland Schools is required to provide a 25 percent match of $94,125 for a project total of $376,500.

The grant application requested funds for security improvements that include fortifying entrances at the technical campuses and enhancing the communication within and between sites by implementing a uniform and centralized communication system for all sites. The existing security monitoring system will be enhanced by the addition of visual alarms and easy-to-understand announcements which will quickly and clearly alert students, staff and visitors to an emergency.

“Security is a number one priority for Oakland Schools,” said Oakland Schools’ Superintendent Dr. Wanda Cook-Robinson. “We are constantly working to implement the best methods available to ensure our students and staff are safe.”

Sarah Davis is the communications specialist for Oakland Schools.

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