America’s Safe Schools Week provides opportunity to engage with students, local community

facebook_safe-schools_10.22.18_v2Observation is Oct. 21-27, 2018 

Oct. 21-27 is America’s Safe Schools Week, an annual observance which draws attention to the continuing problem of school violence by educating students, school faculty and the community about how schools can be made safer and more secure. America’s Safe Schools Week offers an opportunity to address this very important issue and to take steps to ensure that schools offer students and teachers an environment in which they can perform to the best of their abilities.   

Below are some suggested activities from Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE) for schools to engage with students and honor Safe Schools Week:

  • “Reach out to the Un-Reached.” Challenge all students to get to know at least one student they currently do not know well during National Safe Schools Week.
  • Invite School Resource Officers or local law enforcers to make presentations to students on child safety, drug abuse prevention, and juvenile justice practices and policies.
  • Prepare a school safety public information brochure or fact sheet.
  • Coordinate a school safety workshop.
  • Develop a suggestion box for suggestions to improve school climate.
  • Decorate a bulletin board at the school, library or local business to spread the violence prevention message.
  • Coordinate a nonviolence pledge signing. This can be one large banner all students and faculty can sign or individual pledges that can be signed and displayed.

To read more suggestions, visit

For lists of ways to involve the entire community in the safe schools discussion, visit


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