Two new Oakland Schools’ websites unveiled

Website UpdateThe Communications Services department launched the new Oakland Schools and Oakland Schools Technical Campuses websites at the end of September.

The Oakland Schools websites underwent a redesign to align with Oakland Schools’ rebranding as well as to accomplish the goal of becoming an American with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessible and compliant website. Oakland Schools is legally required to provide a website that meets ADA compliance requirements. These requirements ensure individuals with disabilities – including those with vision impairments, are deaf or hard of hearing, have mobility issues and more – are able to receive the same information and resources as those without disabilities.

To learn more about website accessibility visit WebAim.

Along with a clean and modern design, you may notice some new features including responsive design elements and the audio eye toolbar.

Responsive design allows all users to access all information on the website whether using a mobile device, tablet or smaller browser size. When using smaller screens, the main navigation condenses into an icon with three lines in the top right corner. Click on the icon to view and use the main navigation. View the Oakland Schools website on your device to see how responsive design works.

At the bottom right corner of the screen on every page of the website is an icon of a circle with a blue figure inside. This is the AudioEye toolbar, which (once the website is in Phase 3 of certification) will offer website visitors with disabilities a custom user experience. Audioeye handles any and all accessibility errors either automatically or manually. Feel free to explore the options that the Audioeye toolbar offers.

A side note about Internet Explorer:

Our website is compatible with the newest versions of Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer Edge or Internet Explorer 11). Older versions of Internet Explorer may not load the website properly.

Another reason an Internet Explorer browser may not be working is that the browser settings are set to compatibility mode. Change the browser settings to access the new website.

Please send website content requests and feedback to Oakland Schools will review and fulfill each request with an ADA compliant solution.

Sarah Denoyer is the website specialist for Oakland Schools. 

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