Oakland Schools Technology Services honored with Team of the Year award

IT Award

(from left)  Don Dailey, Data Hub Project director; Janell Craig, senior business analyst – student; Joyce Sackleh, director of Application Development; Andrew Yedlin, network engineer – Security; Doug Metcalf, database administrator

The Michigan Data Hub recently awarded Oakland Schools Technology Services the 2018 MiDataHub Technical Team of the Year award for its work with the initiative.

The Michigan Data Hub is a collaborative, statewide effort created to address challenges in managing and using school data. An ecosystem has been created to allow information to be shared between the large number of disconnected school data systems in the state. This system of sharing data benefits schools, parents and students by creating an efficient and streamlined approach to housing and transferring student data.

According to Joyce Sackleh, director of Application Development for Oakland Schools Technology Services, as a member of the Greater Michigan Education Consortium inside Michigan Data Hub, Oakland Schools has played an integral role in the development of this application.

Sackleh said the development team has worked closely to design, develop, pilot and implement solutions that have moved the use of the Michigan Data Hub forward for Oakland Schools’ districts. The support and implementation team worked tirelessly to onboard districts, assist them with data quality, support them through pilot initiatives and remove barriers to successful implementation. The OS leadership team is an advocate and active supporter and advisor to the data hub since its inception four years ago.

“I am so proud of all of the work that our staff has done to make the Michigan Data Hub successful,” said Sackleh. “The work includes a great deal of innovation, testing and thinking outside of the box. I am very proud that the team was recognized for all of the work they have done.”

Sarah Davis is the communications specialist for Oakland Schools.

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