Communication Services garners six awards from NSPRA

37982869_10158620068786959_3136416347693514752_nCommunication Services has been honored with six 2018 Publications and Digital Media Awards from the National School Public Relations Association. The awards were given for the following:

  • NSPRA Golden Achievement Award: Casual for a Cause Branding and Promotion
  • NSPRA Award of Excellence: Oakland Schools Blog
  • NSPRA Award of Excellence: Oakland County Reads!
  • NSPRA Award of Merit for Special Publication: Communications Quarterly Report
  • NSPRA Honorable Mention for E-Newsletter: OS Connection
  • NSPRA Honorable Mention for Special Publication: AESA Nomination Postcard

This year, there were 1,061 entries. Awards of Excellence are going to be featured at NSPRA’s National Seminar in Anaheim, California.

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