Committee Spotlight: Sustainability

Debby Dunn, member of Oakland Schools Sustainability Committee, answers questions about the group’s upcoming plans for 2018.

 What is the purpose of the Sustainability Committee?
To research and implement best practices in reducing, reusing and recycling materials and resources to increase cost savings, operate more efficiently and demonstrate genuine social responsibility as conservators of our Earth’s limited resources.

What is the goal of the group?
Initially it was to bring recycling awareness to the OS staff. In ten years we have evolved where recycling is now the norm.

Length of committee’s existence?
Kick off meeting was held July 10, 2008.

What events do you hold throughout the year/have coming up?
We hold an annual book swap in January or February each year. The plans are to expand the type of swapped items next year to include DVDs CDs, video games, puzzles).

Spring Outdoor Cleanup Day 2018We also partner with the Wellness Committee each spring and have an annual outdoor Oakland Schools grounds cleanup day where volunteers collect trash from around the entire building. In fact, this is scheduled this year for 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 2 (during your normal lunch time. Participants will help clean up the outdoor grounds ponds and building perimeter of the main Oakland Schools campus. Those interested should register in the atrium.

In the past we have offered an eRecycle event where staff and county residents can drop of anything electronic (other than TVs) for proper recycling– this is still in the works for this Spring/Summer, with a date to be determined.

We also sponsor the Paper Retriever Recycling Bin in the East parking lot – staff and the public can bring in all their paper recyclables which, in turn, is a passive fundraiser for the committee. New this year is the DAV Recycle Bin located in the West parking lot corner. This organization collects old clothes and household items while raising funds for veterans.

How can individuals get involved in the Sustainability Committee?
Reach out to anyone on the committee – we always love having new recruits, especially from departments not represented!

Karen Crawford, Event Logistics Specialist
Debby Dunn, Contract Specialist
Jean Jocque, Executive Assistant I
Tim Loock, Executive Director, ASMFO
Sue McIntyre, Project/Department Assistant
Anna Marie Hollander, Procurement & Contracting Manager
Al Selberg, Facilities Manager
Tonia Wernette, Paralegal

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