Tips for reading with your child


Before March is Reading Month comes to an end, Oakland Schools wanted to provide parents a few tips for reading to your child(ren). 

  • Build “book look” times into your child’s daily routine, such as after a meal or just before nap or bed. Children come to quickly cherish these special times with their grown-ups.
  • Look at the pictures together and talk about what they show. This is called taking a “picture walk” through the book to get clues about what it tells.
  • Stop at an exciting point in the story and wonder aloud, “What do you think happens next?”
  • Talk about the story a little bit when you are done reading it. What parts were really exciting, scary, funny, etc.? What pages would be fun to look at or read again?
  • Later, invite your child to act out the story or a favorite part of it with you.
  • When you reread books together, invite your child to help you “read” or tell the story by filling in some of the words when you pause. You can also invite your child to:
    • show you where to start reading on a page.
    • “hop on your finger” by putting his or her pointer finger on your pointer finger, as you point to the words that you are reading.
    • find the front cover of the book, back cover, spine, title page, and first page of the story. Play “I Spy with My Little Eye” and find favorite alphabet letters.
  • In addition to stories, explore books together that give information about something of interest to your child or family, such as dinosaurs, animals, cooking, cars, etc.
  • Families that read together succeed together. Invite older siblings and extended family members or friends to make and keep regular reading dates with your child.
  • Read together once or more a day for 10 or more minutes at a time. This should be a low-key enjoyable experience for both of you.

Kellye R. Wood, Ed. S.  is the Early Childhood director at Oakland Schools.


  1. Great reading tips for parents!

  2. So many great tips for parents reading with their children! Thanks for sharing.

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