Employee Focus – Curtis Jones Maintenance, Oakland Schools Technical Campus – Southwest

Employee FocusAt Oakland Schools Technical Campus-Southwest (OSTC-SW), Curtis Jones is well known for his strong work ethic.

A maintenance man at the facility for just over 13 years, staff at OSTC-SW know they can count on him to keep the building up and running. Curtis’ tasks range from taking care of the building’s grounds come rain, shine or snow, to fixing equipment and general facility maintenance in the classrooms and front office.

“My supervisor and I keep the building running,” said Jones.

So it wasn’t much of a surprise to staff when, a few weeks before Thanksgiving last year, Jones earned his Building Operator Certification, a license from a national training program for building engineers and maintenance personnel that teaches subjects such as building energy savings, maintenance preventative management and advanced knowledge of equipment used in the field.

Curtis said the three-month program was extensive and required completion of 74 hours of classwork, seven projects and five tests. He said the additional effort was worth it though.

“The more I know the better chance I have to advance and be more knowledgeable,” explained Jones. “I can use this knowledge to help everybody in Oakland Schools.”

Jim Berti, Jones’ supervisor, called him a “very kind-hearted person.”

“He has the willingness to learn and cares about education and creating a clean and safe learning environment for our community,” said Berti. “Curtis is truly a team player and a friend. I am proud of his accomplishments and his dedication to Southwest.”

Curtis said when he’s not working at Southwest, he focuses on his two sons. One is heavily involved in high school sports and the other is in college.

“I basically dedicate my time to them after work,” he said.

Curtis added he is truly grateful for his job at Southwest.

“I like the staff. They are fantastic. They treat me very well,” he said. “I enjoy coming in to the day-to-day challenges. There’s always something different.”

Sarah Davis is a communications specialist with Oakland Schools. You can reach her at sarah.davis@oakland.k12.mi.us.

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