Committee Spotlight: Employee Engagement Committee (EEC)

Sheryl Marsh, member of the Employee Engagement Committee, answers questions about the group’s goals for 2018.

To provide an opportunity for employees to connect and build camaraderie across departments within the organization. For the organization and employees to be successful, it is important to know what each of us does in the organization. We also hope that new friendships will be found.

Length of committee existence:
Oakland Schools’ Employee Engagement Committee (EEC) has been in existence since October 2015.

IMG_2143EEC is responsible for putting on a variety of events throughout the year. The most recent was the Coffee Bar held on Feb. 19 at the main campus and Feb. 20 at the JobLink Service Center. Employees were invited to the main lobbies of their respective buildings to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, hot tea or hot chocolate with an abundance of flavors and toppings. The intention of the Coffee Bar is to encourage employees to make new acquaintances, and speak with colleagues from different departments.

 The next two events already planned for this year are:
March 29, 2018 – Tigers Opening Day Tailgate – Tigers vs. the Pirates – more details to come.

June 2018 – OS Summer Picnic – more details to come.

Last year, the committee was also responsible for putting together the Scarecrow Walk, which ran from Oct.16 to Nov. 17. Each department across the organization displayed scarecrows and fall scenes for staff and the public to enjoy.

EEC also implemented an internal email shutdown for half a day along with staff scavenger bingo. Employees took a break from email to focus on meeting new faces and engaging in a scavenger hunt that focused on employee life.

 More info on EEC:
This is a fun committee with each member committing to two years of service. The idea is to give anyone who is interested a chance to join the committee and express their ideas for Employee Engagement and fun at OS.

 How can individuals get involved in EEC?
Contact any EEC member below:
Committee Chair
Stephanie Barlow, District and School Services

Administrative Leadership
Dandridge Floyd, Human Resources

Department Members
Meg McMahon, Human Resources
Jean Jocque, Auxiliary Services, Maintenance & Facility & Operations
Sheryl Marsh, Technology Services

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