Oakland Schools Education Foundation’s launch of Educator Appreciation Program a success

OSEF appleheartAt the end of November last year, Oakland Schools Education Foundation (OSEF) launched its first-ever Oakland County Educator Appreciation Program and organizers are pleased with the results.

Kicking off Nov. 28, Giving Tuesday, and ending on Dec. 5, those interested in contributing to the Oakland County Educator Appreciation Program were asked to visit the OSEF website and donate any amount they’d like from $10 and up. The nominator was able to recognize an educator of their choice in up to 50 words about why this person had made a difference in either the nominator’s life or in the life of his or her children.

According to Andrea Berry, executive director of OSEF, 19 people from 10 different districts in Oakland County were nominated, raising a total of $1,355. Donations ranged from $10 to $250.

“The purpose of this program was two-fold: to increase recognition of educators and staff in Oakland County and to generate income to provide grants to support specific teacher initiatives, resulting in innovative approaches to learning,” said Berry. “We did just that.”

Berry said those nominated were immediately recognized through Facebook posts on Oakland Schools’ Facebook page. Further recognition will continue in the way of mailings and placements in newspapers. Additionally, the money garnered from the donations is now going to be used to establish a grant fund that will focus on innovation in classrooms and be available to all educators in Oakland County. Berry said details about the grant program are still being finalized.

Sarah Davis is the communications specialist with Oakland Schools Communications Services Department. You can reach her at sarah.davis@oakland.k12.mi.us.

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