Committee Profile: Connect. Learn. Transform (CLT)

Andrea Zellner, co-chair of the CLT Committee, answers questions about Connect. Learn. Transform, an employee-focused event taking place on Monday, Feb. 12, as well as the committee’s new OS Spirit Week, Feb. 5-9.

Committee Spotlight 2Purpose:
CLT stands for Connect. Learn. Transform. The committee is tasked with designing a professional learning day for OS staff by OS staff, rather than from the top-down. It is a very homegrown event that focuses on the employees. This event is the blending of our three Oakland Schools professional organizations, which include Organizational Development, Wellbeing and Employee Engagement, and combines the missions from each group. This event is focused on the themes of Connect, Learn and Transform.

Goals of the group:
1. Connect – Engage staff in strengthening existing teams and provide opportunities to develop new teams.

  1. Learn – Enhancing skills necessary to do our work related to the OS Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) goals.
  2. TransformBuilding a positive organizational culture.

Length of committee existence:
This is our third year.

Please describe the actual Connect. Learn. Transform. event. What will happen this year?
It involves designing a daylong experience by pulling together talent from our own organization as well as outside presenters to help all of us focus on our CIP goals and improve as an organization. This year, we are beginning with a wellness activity and our opening speaker, Nikki Sunstrum, an amazing speaker who is the director of social media for the University of Michigan.

After that, there will be a number of breakout sessions on digital skills, well-being, stress management and even football! We also have Team Challenges in the afternoon for those who would like to magnify their networking while having fun.

How can employees get involved in the event? Why is this relevant to employees?
Every employee is asked to attend the main event, and we hope that each

Committee Spotlight 1employee will engage with our other events. In the past, we’ve delivered candy for what we have dubbed “reverse trick-or-treating,” left refrigerator magnets to create Connect.Learn.Transform magnetic poetry and made a range of videos we feel are funny. We are hoping the organization is laughing with us, and not at us:

We are also excited to try an all OS Spirit Week this year in the week prior to our Feb.12 main event day. We decided to launch the OS Spirit Week from Feb. 5-9 this year to create community and a sense of celebration and joy. Click here to view more information on Spirit Week.

How can individuals get involved in the CLT committee?
Each year individuals either volunteer or are recommended by the existing committee. Each department is represented by at least one individual. For more information about CLT, contact Andrea Zellner, co-chair, at



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