Student Profile: Carl Green

Carl GreenWhen you ask a soon-to-be veterinary technician student what his favorite animal is, you don’t really expect him to answer, “cheetah.”

Unless you are speaking with Carl Green, who, ever since he entered the Agriscience and Environmental Technologies program at Oakland Schools Technical Campus – Northwest (OSTC-NW) in Clarkston, was dubbed positively by Kendra Gossett, his teacher at OSTC-NW, as an “atypical student.”

“Carl is one of those students who make you laugh and really love teaching them something new,” said Gossett. “He was always up for any hands-on lab in the classroom.”

Green graduated from the program in 2015, which he credits with providing him with extensive real-world experience with animals, particularly when it comes to handling them appropriately, learning more about the medical instruments involved in veterinary care and a thorough overview of different aspects of the field.

Green, who was 8 years old when he first felt flickers of love for animals, said the program helped him further develop his passion into a full-fledged career.

“I have always been drawn to animals and helping them,” he said.

Green is still finding great success in the field and is applying to veterinary technician school this month. He has been working at Union Lake Veterinary Hospital since 2011, when he was still a student at OSTC-NW, and continues to find this the best place suited to his skills.

One of his primary jobs at Union Lake Veterinary Hospital is overseeing its successful Bed and Biscuit onsite boarding program. Green advertises the program, arranges any necessary special pickup and drop-off arrangements and manages the reservations.

“I just love helping animals,” he said. “It’s fun to figure out what’s going on with them and being involved in their care.”

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