Monthly Archives: October 2017

Beginning Preschool or Kindergarten: Easing the Transition

Congratulations! You and your child are beginning an exciting year! Each child adjusts to school in his or her own way. Some children act no different or are thrilled to be a “big kid” who goes to school. It is not unusual, though, that these very same children may cry or cling to mom or […]

National School Bus Safety Week puts the brakes on poor student transportation habits

National School Bus Safety Week (Oct. 16-20) is upon us and it’s a great time to recognize the importance of the big yellow bus! Did you know the school bus industry that provides safe, effective transportation for over 25 million schoolchildren is the largest form of mass transit in the United States? According to the […]

What you can do to advocate for safer schools

This week (Oct. 15-21) Is America’s Safe Schools Week. Whether you’re a parent, an educator or a guardian of students, please take some time to raise awareness for school safety by implementing some of the activities listed below. Advocating school safety is how we can help ensure the well-being of all children and the quality […]

Bullying is a serious public health problem

“Bullying has long been tolerated by many people as a rite of passage among children and teens. But bullying is not a normal part of childhood. It is a serious public health problem.” ~From Preventing Bullying through Science, Policy, and Practice, commissioned by the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine. Bullying is a serious […]

Practical suggestions for starting school

School may have already started, but these practical suggestions could still help your young son/daughter (and you!) navigate the beginning with more ease. Here are some tried-and-true tips collected from parents and teachers over the years: A full-sized backpack with your child’s name on it. No scarves, stocking caps or clothing with long strings. These […]

National Child Health Day reminds us about importance of flu shots

National Child Health Day is today, Oct. 2. This day serves as a reminder to continue working to improve the health and well-being of our community’s children. Keeping up with your child’s vaccination schedule is important to protect them from preventable illnesses. As we head into flu season, this is a great time to make […]