My First 90 Days: Conversation, Connection & Change

“The path to excellence is paved with tough conversations.” – Dan Rockwell

Oakland SchoolsI am coming up on the end of my first 90 days as the new superintendent of Oakland Schools, and I thought it would be a great time for me to reveal my Master Plan.

‘Master Plan’ sounds a little intimidating, doesn’t it?

It’s actually CODE for me and all of you (at Oakland Schools, in Oakland County and beyond) to get to know each other better. It’s CODE for me holding conversations with employees and community stakeholders, and really listening to what is being said. It’s CODE for me visiting schools and talking with administrators and legislators – and understanding what is meaningful and important to all parties involved in educating our children.

Basically, my Master Plan is about building collaborative relationships based on trust. Call it CODE for ‘connection’ – it’s going to take all of us working together to support student achievement in Oakland County, and my priority is creating a climate of connecting that will allow us to accomplish this most important work.

There are additional goals listed in my Master Plan, of course. Oakland Schools Intermediate School District (ISD) provides resources and services to administrators, educators, parents and students in Oakland County’s 28 school districts – I have a lot of territory to cover!

So let’s take that first step forward; our conversation can begin over a Tim Hortons coffee to-go, or via an email, or even a Tweet. I am listening and learning, and welcome your thoughts on how we can better facilitate educational opportunities for all 207,000 of our K-12 students. (That’s CODE for caring.)

Dr. Wanda Cook-Robinson

Learning today. Transforming tomorrow.


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Oakland Schools

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