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Oakland SchoolsHigh School Students Learn International Entrepreneurship at Global Trade Mission 2013

February 28, 2013: 180 Oakland County high school students, plus Culture Ambassadors, Teachers and Business Coaches from successful companies across Metro Detroit, converged on Oakland Community College in Auburn Hills for three days of hands-on, think-tank training known as the Global Trade Mission (GTM). The students will be placed on 4-person teams, be assigned a country to sell a product to, will choose an emerging industry to concentrate on and will create their product using Michigan resources. The students’ competitive foray into the world of international trade culminates on Saturday in a formal, 8-minute, make-or-break presentation where the teens will pitch their ‘product’ in front of a panel of ‘overseas investors’.

It’s a High School Shark Tank where everyone walks away a winner!

Global Trade Mission is organized by Oakland Schools Career-Focused Education and sponsored by a consortium of business, government and educational organizations who have banded together over the last 15 years to provide a unique, entrepreneurial experience for business-minded high-schoolers. Over three days, students gain exposure to real-world business professionals, work with emerging technologies, and comprehend the impact of cultural diversity on corporate success. Teamwork is essential; each high school participant must exhibit a global skill set and learn how to handle both the challenges and the opportunities of a global trade market…perfect preparation for the 21st century job market!


This year, Northwood University is awarding a $1,000 scholarship to a student displaying innovative business-savvy. “Northwood is a business school and we are a firm believer and supporter of the Global Trade Mission,” said Pam Fatur, Northwood admissions advisor. “The business experience the students receive at GTM is better than anything we’ve seen. Students learn how to function professionally with creative chaos going on around them all weekend – just like in the real business world!”

Oakland Schools

OCC’s Marikay Clancy & GTM Mentor Faris Alami

Several students from Canada, China, Germany and Malaysia are attending the 2013 event with Oakland County students, making GTM a truly international work-project experience. Faris Alami, executive management consultant and GTM coordinator, understands how vital it is to expose future business leaders to different cultural perspectives and hopes to increase the international participation in 2014.

“This is the future work force,” said Alami. “Global Trade Mission provides students the opportunity to learn about issues in global trade, cultural diversity, entrepreneurship and business  – along with the latest technology tools. At GTM, we are developing the next generation of leaders and talent.”


Global Trade Mission RESOURCES

GTM Website

GTM Overview (detailed PDF)

GTM Video with Faris Alami (4:23)

 Oakland Schools Global Trade Mission


National Center for Advancement of STEM Education

Questions? CONTACT Cynthia Scherphorn, Oakland Schools:

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Oakland Schools • 2111 Pontiac Lake Road • Waterford, MI 48328-2736 • 248.209.2000

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