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OSTC-NE Instructor Frank Costanzo & Members of his Culinary Arts Crew

I could smell the Chocolate Chip Cookies long before I hit the kitchen.

Rich, chocolatey goodness told me I had discovered the site of the renowned Culinary Arts program at Oakland Schools Technical Campus-Northeast, in Pontiac. The program trains high school juniors and seniors on the intricacies of cooking, baking, presenting and serving food- and even how to run a restaurant. Culinary Arts provides a solid entry into both the creative and business end of food management, and also offers a first step into the travel and tourism industry. (Fresh out-of-the-oven cookies are just an extra, added benefit!)

The OSTC Culinary Arts curriculum is a foodie’s dream come true; it includes hands-on, practical cooking skills, opportunities to showcase what’s been learned at national competitions, and the ability to earn college credits at community colleges and culinary institutes while still in high school!

Katie Loscher is a senior in the Culinary Arts program, and placed in the “Food & Beverage/Front of the House Service” category in the national SkillsUSA competition last year: “I heard about OSTC in my sophomore year at Lake Orion high school, and what made me really interested in going was my love for baking cupcakes. It’s funny to me how that’s what made me sign up for OSTC. I am so glad that I did though…the teachers at OSTC are one of my favorite things about the school and program. They are all so great at what they do, and they are so encouraging.”

 “Some of students who come to us for two years are able to apply for scholarships if they meet certain criteria from the National Restaurant Association,” said Frank Costanzo, M.Ed and Certified Culinary Instructor at OSTC-NE.

“Six of our graduating seniors who returned to us for their second year just received notification of their Certificate of Achievement (COA) recognition certificates. These are given to students who achieve excellence on core testing for two years in two aligned text books, are in a registered culinary program, and have over 400 work hours in the industry. A COA entitles them to receive a total of thirty thousand dollars in scholarships from the National Restaurant Association and its industry partners like Coca-Cola, Gordon Food Service, KFC, Sysco and many others who support the NRAEF (National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation).”

THE PUBLIC will have a chance to experience the delectable results of the students’ studies at the OSTC-NE Culinary Art Program’s HOLIDAY EVENT. It’s an elegant all-you-can-eat buffet lunch held at the school (1371 N. Perry Street, Pontiac, MI 48340)  on December 18th, 19th and 20th. Tickets are required, and will be available for purchase after November 1st. Call 248.451.2700 for information.

Want to learn more about the OSTC Culinary Arts Program?

CLICK on the IMAGE below to browse the program catalog, or to contact an OSTC counselor. Culinary Arts is available at all four Oakland Schools Technical Campuses (Pontiac, Wixom, Clarkston and Royal Oak), and is open to high school juniors and seniors in Oakland County.

RESOURCES for Culinary Art Student Scholarships, Competitions & Information

Oakland Schools Technical Campuses (OSTC)

National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF)


Association for Career & Technical Education (ACTE)

Photo credits: Jean MacLeod, Dr. Landry, OSTC

from Jean MacLeod, Communications/Oakland Schools



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