FOCUS SCHOOLS: Let’s Dispel the Misrepresentation


Another Superintendent Takes a Stand

An Honor Roll for Hero Superintendents


Parents and Community Members:

The attack on public education we are currently facing is unprecedented, and we all need to take an active role in fighting back.

You have probably heard and read much about the new MDE Focus School designation. Some legislators are now using this misinformed metric as part of their political platform. We can’t stand by and let others tell our communities which schools are and are not successful based on this misguided label.

I released a podcast earlier this month on focus schools that may help you understand this issue, so please view and share it with as many as you can:

Click on Image to Hear PODCAST or Visit

We must dispel this misrepresentation!

Doubt is being cast on our strongest school systems to promote partisan political platforms – we can’t let the three Ps replace the three Rs. Oakland Schools statisticians double checked the information in the podcast after the MDE accusation on inaccuracies went out – and there are no inaccuracies. In fact, they found data that shows the over identification of higher achieving schools was even more significant than previously thought.

Please share this message to help others understand how this issue may impact their children, their neighbors’ children, and ultimately, their communities.

Thank you for your dedication to our children!

Dr. Vickie Markavitch, Superintendent of Oakland Schools


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