Mouse Ready? It’s VLAC to School!


Oakland SchoolsOakland Schools, in partnership with Calvert Education Services and 55 local school districts, is offering a Virtual Learning Academy Consortium (VLAC) for K-8 students in Genesee, Lapeer, Livingston, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne counties. This non-profit, online program is an option for parents (or other caregivers) who wish to guide their child’s learning in a flexible, home-based environment. SCROLL down to MEET the VLAC TEACHERS!


Enroll NOW! Virtual Learning Academy Consortium is now accepting applications for the 2012–13 school year for Kindergarten through Eighth Grade.

Students must be enrolled no later than September 7, 2012 to participate in the Virtual Learning Academy Consortium. Questions? Contact us at 888.638.8949.

More information is also available on the VLAC website.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES: No Shopping Needed

Students who enroll in VLAC will be provided, at no cost, the equipment (including computer and internet access) and materials needed to participate in virtual learning using the Calvert curriculum. Each student will also receive a tailored program of learning designed to meet their specific educational needs and goals, and will receive instructional oversight by highly qualified Michigan teachers.


Dianne Shepich

Online Learning is the wave of the future. I like exciting, new things, and I am thrilled to be in on  the ground-level of VLAC. The world-renowned Calvert curriculum is exceptional – we have aligned it to the State of Michigan requirements and it offers a blended approach with real teachers! VLAC will make a real and positive difference in our students’ education.”

Dianne will be teaching grades 5 and 6.  She has acquired an impressive resume of career teaching experience in Special Education, and in Elementary and Middle School, and has worked as a Curriculum Director, an Assistant Principal and a Principal. Dianne has a master’s degree in Administration and a certification in Special Ed.

Samantha Meyers

Children find the online medium exciting; it makes them feel grown-up. VLAC gets public education into homeschooling – students get an excellent curriculum with e-learning benefits. I KNOW kids will like this program!”

Samantha graduated from MSU and spent a pre-internship summer teaching in South Africa. She taught in an elementary school in South Carolina before moving back to Michigan to teach 3rd and 4th grades with VLAC. Samantha earned her master’s degree in Curriculum and Teaching through a hybrid / online university program, and understands the benefits of e-learning.

Meghan DeCarlo

I was so impressed with the Calvert Curriculum, and with the broad, diverse resources supplied by Oakland Schools. The teaching and tech support is great, and I’m really looking forward to this opportunity to grow professionally!

Meghan was a Kindergarten-2nd grade teacher for 10 years. She has master’s degree, and a certification in Early Childhood. With 3 young daughters at home, Meghan is pleased to have the flexibility to continue teaching with online K-2 students and is excited to communicate her personal and professional understanding of early childhood with VLAC families.

Julie Alspach

I come from a technical background. For me, it was a very natural progression to go from teaching how-to-use computers to teaching ON computers. The Calvert system is very well-developed and very complete – it is a great piece of software.”

Julie has 3 children in Middle School and High School, and feels well-equipped to teach VLAC’s 7th and 8th graders (“I’m living the same student experience as VLAC parents – we will have a lot of common ground!”).  Julie has lots of experience teaching Elementary and Special Education High School students; she has a master’s degree in Special Education and is in-process for a doctorate in Administration.


Virtual Learning Academy Consortium (VLAC) features the world-renowned Calvert School curriculum, which is research-based and evaluated continually to meet national and state standards. Calvert’s curriculum is built on the principle of subject integration, beginning with a rich foundation of reading, writing, and mathematics. That foundation is then layered with history, science, geography, technology and the arts to ensure no gaps in instruction. Each Calvert course combines the best classroom-tested materials, teacher-created Lesson Manuals, and proven educational methodologies all in one complete, meticulously planned curriculum that guides each day of instruction with easy-to-use lesson plans.

[Calvert details from the VLAC website]

Check it out!

Please visit the VLAC WEBSITE, call 888.638.8949, or EMAIL US at for more information.

***The VLAC FACEBOOK PAGE is a great resource for Homeschoolers!***

Enter VLAC’s Media Room

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from Jean MacLeod, Communications/Oakland Schools




  1. Veronica Miller · · Reply

    Hello. We recently moved to MI from AZ. My daughter is in 11th grade and is currently enrolled in the public high school in the city that we are living in. I am very interested in virtual schooling for her, as she was advanced in AZ and now she is stuck in a, in my opinion, sub par high school. According to your website, you only offer this for students up to 8th grade. Is there another that would offer it to high school students? Thank you…Veronica Miller

    1. Please contact us. 248-706-4871. We are a Virtual Cyber Academy for High School students. We can accept students from Oakland County and any contigious county. Out next open enrollment is in December.

  2. Hi Veronica, thank you for your comment. Right now VLAC is only available for K-8, but there is a possibility it will expand to high school in the future. This might not be the right timing for your daughter however, so I suggest you meet with her high school counselor and request homeschooling information. You may qualify for a free homeschool option through your own district. Also, check into your school’s policy on dual enrollment (earning college credits while in high school). Ask lots of questions – there are alternatives out there!

  3. Bonnie R. · · Reply

    I just found out about the academy, but it’s September 19th. Can I still enroll my daughter?

  4. Write Now · · Reply

    Hi and sorry for the reply-delay…the enrollment closed on September 7th and VLAC is not accepting any student after this date. Please follow the website at for enrollment updates, or to contact the VLAC administrators directly. Thank you!

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