Outstanding Teachers Say “It’s About the Students”

Winners of Oakland County Outstanding Teacher of the Year 2012

Amy Guzynski, Lamphere High School; Hugh Watters, Bloomfield Hills Middle School; Michael Medvinsky, Oakwood Elementary

Oakland County Outstanding Teacher of the Year Awards Program, May 10, Waterford: After eloquent speeches from George Ehlert (Oakland Schools Board of Education), Ryan Bladzik (Oakland Schools Education Foundation) and DeAndre Lipscomb (Health Alliance Plan), after the ‘Walk of Fame’ from the honored nominees from all 28 of Oakland County’s School Districts, after each of the 3 winners had been introduced by their school principals and had spoken (or sung!) from their hearts about their teaching lives and the students that made their work meaningful, Superintendent Vickie Markavitch stood with tears in her eyes to make the event’s final remarks. In a year where teachers have borne the brunt of educational reform, budgetary cuts and political backlash, the Superintendent’s appreciative remarks were well-received.

“You have rekindled my pride in my own profession”, she said in closing, addressing the 54 outstanding teacher nominees. “Each of you deserves to win this award.”

Oakland Schools applauds each nominee who represents the many outstanding teachers who make a difference in the lives of Oakland County students.

Amy Guzynski: Teaching requires resilience, passion and support. I believe all students CAN and WANT to succeed in school…

Hugh Watters: I confess I’m a sponge…I’ll absorb ideas and use them with my students in my classroom…

Michael Medvinsky: My learners shape my teaching – it’s all about my students!


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