Never has the field of education been more exciting and/or challenging! – Donald E. Heller, Dean of MSU’s College of Education

Yesterday, I watched as Michigan State University graduated 400 brand new teachers.  The brains, confidence and positive energy of the young adults washed over the thousands of spectators, and spilled up and over the edge of Breslin Center…

We all knew we were watching something special (most of us had personal connections to a student walking across that stage!), but I’m sure there were more than a few of us who understood the broader significance of the event:

We were watching the first ‘baby’ steps of a highly-trained corps of Teacher Warriors!

The newest educators from the Class of 2012 are graduating into the most “exciting and/or challenging” time and place – where politics, business, research and technology mix it up to shape educational reform, and where the deepest needs of the students sometimes lose precedence in the spin.

“No matter what you know or how smart you may be, none of it matters if you can’t reach people”, said commencement speaker, Dr. James Ray. “You have the power to shape and redirect life… Love what you do; be the light of hope for your students.”

The Teacher Warriors listened.  Knowledge of the professional and political challenges they will be facing in their communities and classrooms hasn’t yet dimmed their excitement for their vocation – for working with children. Perhaps these new teachers, with awareness and determination, will hang on to become our best, newest revolutionaries, changing the lives of their students while informing and demanding the policies that make good teaching possible.



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posted by Jean MacLeod, Communications/Oakland Schools


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