The Perfect Marriage is…

…CTE and College.

Paul Galbenski, a Business Management, Marketing and Technology Instructor at OSTC-Southeast, and Michigan’s 2011-2012 Teacher of the Year, makes me wish I could do high school all over again. I would enroll in Career and Technical Education (CTE) where I would participate in motivating, project-based learning, and I would graduate with a degree, an industry-recognized certificate, up to 24 college credits to boost me into Higher Ed, and a definite career advantage… Tech Ed is NOT what it used to be!

WATCH this informative, inspirational, seven-minute VIDEO of Paul straight-talking CTE and I guarantee that you will be re-thinking the traditional path to college…

Teacher of the Year

CTE gets teens college and career ready at Oakland Schools’ four technical campuses in Royal Oak, Pontiac, Clarkston and Wixom. “Academic rigor and hands-on skills need to be married, so students benefit”, Paul said. “It’s not an ‘either-or” situation, it’s an ‘AND’ solution…people need to be informed of the wonderful opportunities that are available.”

Paul related a true story about an OSTC student enrolled in Transportation Technology, who learned how to change tires and troubleshoot engines. “Working on cars wasn’t her goal,” he said, “but part of her plan.” The young woman went on to get a degree in Marketing from MSU. She then interviewed with GM, was hired and was responsible for the online Camaro launch. She got the job because she was the only one of dozens of Marketing grad applicants who had actually worked on an automobile.

Paul hopes to raise awareness about the wonderful opportunities available through CTE; he urges students to become involved at an earlier age, and he would like parents to understand the facts about CTE’s many benefits:

“We want to marry academic and career and technical education skills so that students are successful. And that’s our goal for career and college readiness.”

View the twitpics here:

OSTC-SE Open House MAR 2012

2012 Career Expo & Open House
Thursday, March 8, 2012 • 5-8 PM
Oakland Schools Technical Campus Southeast
5055 Delemere Street, Royal Oak, MI 48073 • 248.288.4020

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  1. “Mr. G”, Michigan’s Teacher of the Year 2012, is off to meet Obama! Interviewed by Channel 7: VIDEO at

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